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Oh yeah, I'm still quite all here. I must confess though that college applications, portfolio demands, senior year, and overall real life issues has depleted my free time completely. In fact, the intention of this post is really just to get feedback on current portfolio work. My apologies; I miss you folks (and my fandoms!) as much as you miss me (or not miss me). ♥

A warning beforehand. There's a total of 11 images, all rather large, under the cut. Dial-up users or anyone with a slow connection should beware. Oh, and here be nudes. Meanwhiles, feedback is greatly appreciated. :D

The following images are currently from my intended admissions portfolio for USC's Animation and Digital Arts program. This isn't the entire shiskabob, as I'm lacking the means to scan some specific articles in, but it is the majority of said portfolio.

Life drawings first. I've only recently started getting the hang of these (started attending those life drawing open sessions rather late, so I'm a bit lacking in this portion).

Same man from the portrait above. Full body.

Another portrait.

Same woman from above, only much harder to tell. Some strange chalk pastels.

This woman was astonishingly well-bodied for someone her age (I'm assuming she's in her late 50's to early 60's?). She had a wonderful classic flair, which I unfortunately did not catch quite well in any of the drafts I did of her. This one was just better than most.

Boobs are funky in this one, but I like the overall feel and expression of the figure.

End of life drawings. Pencil beast from uh, last year, that I'm still planning to put in anyway? Ahahaha... I simply thought this might be a nice piece for an animation-oriented portfolio, seeing as it's got a bit of character design and style.

This was intended as a self-portrait, but I felt like doing something related to ovaries. Apparently I'm seriously stuck on the idea of fertility in the human female. I mean, aren't pregnant women just beautiful? Especially in the right glow? Seriously.

Work from over the summer. The theme was supposed to be "Time", and I took the liberty to interpret that through seasons. However, I'm uncertain as to whether if I've portrayed that concept blatantly enough. Ho hum. I absolutely hate that doe.

THIS is is the one piece that I truly truly like out of everything here. Another summer project, this time based on the idea of "Dreams". To clarify a bit, a common occurrence in my dreams revolve around the concept of flight. When I have the ability to fly in my dreams, rather than wings sprouting out of my shoulder blades, I quite literally have to physically flap my arms to get off the ground (whether actual feathers appear varies now and then, more often than not they're simply not there). However, even with ability to fly, there's only up to a certain height I can get off the ground (around the distance between the street and a lightpole) regardless of how hard I "flap". It's quite frustrating, and I suspect that this restriction of sorts sprouts from the underlying attachment my mind still has to reality. It knows that realistically I can't fly and attempts to express that through said "restriction". Thus the reason as to girl's hair ties her to the ground; the chains are only things she envisions to tie her, but the truth to her imprisonment lies right under her very nose.

Last piece. I simply had to incorporate a bag, or container of sorts, a hat, and a glove into a piece. Somehow I pulled a fish-headed girl out of that. >_>;

The fishgirl and the jellyfish (not really a jellyfish, but a Man O' War; look them up, they're terrifyingly beautiful) actually have a backstory of sorts that I've cultivated over time ever since I worked on this piece, but I'll avoid elaborating to keep from boring you good folks. :)

And... that's a wrap! I apologize for the watermarks; I'm a bit paranoid that someone might steal something off for whatever reason while I'm still preparing to use these in a portfolio. If there are those who'd like a version (of any particular piece) without the watermark for personal viewing, I'll be happy to supply that as soon as I've done and sent everything off.

Again, feedback is greatly appreciated! :D

I so desperately want to do fanart. Original work is wonderful, but my fingers are itching to scrawl out the old faces again now that I've progressed along a bit. As soon as everything's done, I'll be demanding fanart requests. GRAH!
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