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'Tis all quite random, but I was flicking through my cameraphone the other night and found some of the pictures I took of our crazy creations back in my Cooking Class this senior year. I forgot I had all these buggers sitting around! Just to taunt you all, everything was absolutely delicious.

Image-heavy post ahead! Dial-up users, please beware!

Crazy-shaped waffles topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Add that generous dosage of maple syrup and you've got some really beautiful breakfast. ♥

Intentionally funny-looking, but scrumptious fruit tart. Fresh fruit's always a major key!

Omelet. The first time I made it, I skimped it a bit and the omelet ended up much flatter than I'd care for, but the glistening ketchup drizzled on top made for a pretty picture. The questionable stuff in the back is actually hash browns. One of many failures. D;

Looks boring as hell like this. It would have looked a bit more picture-worthy if it only had some powder sugar sprinkled on top, but at least the purse itself tasted fantastic.

They were so misshapen and disproportionate to one another that I was a bit unhappy with this batch. Tasted perfect, but obviously I needed to pay more attention how I was using the roller pin there.

Jam muffins are the best. Period. By the way, you should all read that fantastic huge-ass novel hiding under the tray in the bottom picture: The Crimson Petal and the White by Michel Faber. It's just guh-worthy awesome!

Chocolate Torte just equates heaven! My partner and I spent a good two days working our butts off to pull this one off and the results were totally worth it. I unfortunately only snagged three shots of it before it was gone, where two of them turned out to be of bad quality, so not as good as the other shots. My apologies!

I can't lie here. This pizza was the best I've ever had in my entire life. I still remember that savory sauce and the freshly baked ingredients just melting in my mouth. GUH!

I love food. ♥

I'm really attached to these photos, so I kindly ask that no one takes any of these as stock photos, graphical editing, etc. Thanks everyone!

NOTE: Erika, you don't need to worry about us starving in our dorms coming fall anymore. I'll take care of you. ;P
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