Apr. 4th, 2007

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Sakura-Con's straight this Friday, thus a heads up that I won't be present until the Monday of next week. [livejournal.com profile] raihu, I'll make it my personal mission to respond to all our lovely conversations upon my return like the ones concerning PL that I have yet to coherently respond to. ♥

Not cosplaying, I swear I'll go as either Ukyo or one of the Kamuro from Samurai 7 next time around, but this time the group's rented a room for the weekend, so this allows for more crazy unhealthy otaku insanity - which will result in our foursome returning literally as con-feverish stupefied half-starved zombies. That and more hours at the Marketplace so I can actually buy more than the 9 or so doujinshi I purchased last year COMPARED TO JACKIE'S 30 GAZILLION SOMETHING. Though, again, there's always that problem that all the fandoms/pairings I look for are decidely minor-ific...

Anyway, con report later on. The rest of you enjoy your Spring Break! Like a certain Erikuz who's headin' down to sunny CA RATHER than coming with me for the time of her life!

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... Anticipating Sakura-Con is leaving me in a horribly festive mood. Have a dozen or so pictures of the 501st Legion at the Comic Book Cafe back from last October while we're at it. Stupid commentary unfortunately added in. I kept forgetting to post these up! D;

Heavily large image-intensive hoopla behind the cut, dial-up users beware!

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