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I swore to God that I'd resist filling out any memes (how do you pronounce that damn word?), but my valiant efforts failed upon running across one concerning doujinshi. Needless to say, I ended up snagging my first sin meme from [livejournal.com profile] kurot. Apologies for the insanely long/detailed responses - I got way too carried away with this. >_<;

1. What kind of Comic/Anime doujinshi do you want to make?

Spirited Away:

- Post!canon as well as rather AU-oriented. Set in the "tangible" sense of the world, a serious doujinshi portraying an unrequited love between No Face and Sen that would feature canon!Haku/Chihiro as the main obstacle.

Samurai 7:

- Serious story centered upon Ukyo with a hint of Tessai/Ukyo eased in. Following this would be a bit of a semi-sequel of sorts, but heavily centered on the Tessai/Ukyo relationship with a possible smut. :D
- A doujinshi centered on the Kamuro. It'd be mostly gag, though I'm considering throwing in cracks at a Kamuro/Ukyo/Tessai threesome just for the sheer absurdity. XD
- One combining the stories of Kirara and Komachi. For Kirara's part, the stories would center on Kanbei/Kirara (unrequited) while Komachi would center on canon!Kikuchiyo/Komachi. The tales of the two sisters would intermix in a non-explicit, but bordering rather heavily on the subject of incest, story of Kirara/Komachi, then finish up with a post!canon story where Komachi reflects on what it means to be a water priestess after her sister has left the village (or passed away?).


- Alternate universe. An angsty and serious story of Filia as an innocent child turned into a wreck (drunkee, drug addict, the works) in her later years with both Xellos and Valgaav struggling to set things right before things come entirely out of hand. Centered on Xellos/Filia.
- Another serious Filia-centric story with her relationship with Xellos and Valgaav, but again mostly centered on Xellos/Filia. Multiple quickie stories in one volume, but for the most part they're serious stories bordering on fluffy.
- AND AGAIN, another Xellos/Filia story, but mostly kind of PWP-ish seeing as basically Xellos "seduces" Filia to engage in rather unpriestess-like acts. Things happen. XD;

Digimon Frontier:

- Serious Kouji-centric doujinshi centering on his relationship with Takuya and his brother, Kouichi. Separate stories for each relationship foremost, then a threesome-ish round-up at the end. Possibly explicit.
- Canon and post!canon Tomoki-centric story on the theme of brothers. Tomoki observes how Takuya served as the ideal brotherly figure whereas Nii-san was his own real brother. Slight Takuya/Tomoki and Nii-san/Tomoki.
- Possible serious pre!canon Cherubimon/Ophanimon story with Seraphimon/Ophanimon serving as the obstacle. Takes place also as post!canon, but where the three are now equals in part with no strings attached, having been reborn as rookies.


- Non-explicit Latios/Bianca and Latias/Satoshi doujinshi. Fluff and serious, though more centered on Latios/Bianca.
- Shuu/Haruka and Harley/Haruka doujinshi. Fluff for the former and serious, possibly explicit, story for the latter.


- Malik/Ishizu doujinshi, serious bordering on angsty storyline. While not PWP-ish, liable to feature an incestuous sex scene and possible rape (through Yami Malik).

Invader Zim:

- Serious Dib/Gaz doujinshi set post!canon and somewhat AU. Both Dib and Gaz have carried out their own lives after Zim's disappearance and it's been well over 8 years since they last saw one another (and not exactly under the greatest circumstances). Needless to say, they make reluctant (from Gaz's end) arrangements to see one another, only later to realize a different aspect of the relationship between themselves - one that they had thought had been buried long long ago.
- Crackified gag doujinshi featuring the entire cast. Mostly composed of mini-stories with random touches of RAPR thrown in.

2. What kind of Novel doujinshi do you want to make?

Lord of the Flies:

- Dark serious Ralph/Simon doujinshi with hints of Jack/Ralph entertwined at the roots. While modtly canon-based set, small parts of pre!canon and post!canon are liable to filter through.

3. What kind of Original doujinshi do you want to make?

- A story about a boy who has been diagnosed with a peculiar disease that robs him of his senses (touch, see, taste, smell, hear) one-by-one.

- Random fluffy story about a girl and her gay boyfriend. XD

4. What kind of Game doujinshi do you want to make?


- Serious and fluffy Shion-centric doujinshi featuring her relationships with chaos and KOS-MOS.
- Possible pre!canon, canon, and post!canon of Albedo/Rubedo. Considering their relationship, the story's likely to get explicit at points (constant shota?).

Golden Sun:

- For the most part a serious Alex/Jenna story running through both Golden Suns and post!canon timeline, but a quick PWP!part at the end where we have a Felix/Jenna/Alex threesome.

Jak and Daxter:

- Quickie, somewhat serious, largely PWP-ish, triplet stories of Jinx/Jak, Erol/Jak, and Torn/Jak. Harr.
- Definite serious post!canon set story based on the Jak/Seem pairing (non-slash as I consider Seem female, kthanx). A few years after the events of Erol's unsuccessful revenge with the Dark Makers, Seem takes a moment to pray at the temple, only to be visited by a most peculiar "angel".

Final Fantasy IX:

- Non-explicit doujinshi purely centered on the Zidane/Vivi pairing. A lot of fluff, a slice of cutesy gag, and a nice wedge of a serious story. Canon-timeline as well as post.
- Freya-centric doujinshi, portraying her relationships with Amarant, Fratley, and Bellatrix respectively. Serious.

Final Fantasy XII:

- Serious, possible-sex-scene Reks/Vaan doujinshi. Pre!canon, canon, and post!canon timeline set. Possible chance one may go AU in a separate doujinshi where Reks will simply be a hospital patient (in comatose or suffering severe amnesia) rather than having died in the first 15 minutes of the game. >_>;

The Legend of Zelda:

- Semi-serious, fluffy, but ultimately gag doujinshi featuring Japas/Mikau.
- Serious non-explicit doujinshi featuring the never-to-be!Link/Mido pairing. Within canon timeline.

Chrono Cross:

- AU-ish serious Lynx/Serge (or Dark!Serge/Serge with Lynx possessing Dark!Serge's body) doujinshi.

5. What other kind of doujinshi then?

Star Wars:

- A Jango/Boba Fett serious story, dealing with pre!canon, canon, and post!canon timelines respectively in the same volume. Yet due to the enormity of the relationship I want to portray, it's probable that I'd pursue taking the relationship also on an Au-ish!canon timeline in other separate doujinshi.
- Possible serious Vader/Anakin relationship with Luke Skywalker story.
- Entirely gag story centered on the Jawas. Either coupled with a gag section on Clonetroopers/Stormtroopers or in separate doujinshi.

Arthuritarian Lore:

- Arthur/Mordred. Angst-ridden and serious story of how a boy, abandoned by his father, only sought to be loved and cared for by the same hands that threw him to sea. Yet fate proves stronger than desires, even if mutually shared, and the only time they find that the circumstances allow their union is through their prophesized deaths.

King and the Clown:

- Jang-Seng/Gong-Gil doujinshiness. Fluff, serious, and more likely to be set chronologically - pre!canon, canon, and AU-ified post!canon.

Power Rangers: (yes, you read that right)

- Tommy/Kimberly story, mostly set post!canon (at least after the three Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers seasons where Kimberly was replaced by that witch Katherine, but uncertain on whether it should be after or before the events of the Power Rangers: Turbo movie). Various flashbacks for canon throughout and intended to have a bittersweet portrayal.
- Possibly another Tommy/Kimberly story, but with unrequited!Jason/Kimberly tucked in to give it a roundabout angsty perspective? Jason's POV.

Radio Star:

- Pre!canon quickie one-shot story of Choi-Gon/Min-Soo that's more fluff than anything, slight implications of sex involved.

Prince of Egypt:

- Rameses/Moses (blasphemy?) fluff doujinshi set pre!canon. Again, implied sex scenes.

6. Five other people who has to do this?

Anyone interested (assuming anyone was seriously patient enough to even get to this point). XD;

... When I look back at all this, I realize just how rather pimpish I am (note the large amount of love triangles and various threesomes) of certain characters in my pairings. XD;


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