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Finally got around to watching "Night At the Museum" earlier today (after much coaxation from my father over the phone). And yes, it was just as every bit as fantastic as he described. Lovely concept, wonderful visual appeal, humorous galore, a great crack at the infamous "quittin' you" line from "Brokeback Mountain", and entirely general audience-friendly. Sorry, no slash this time unless if slashin' historical figurines counts. :D

Not to mention that those faceless Civil War soldiers were totally hot. XD;

On another note, go watch "Radio Star" (directed by Lee Jun-Ik, the same man who directed "The King and the Clown") and "Holy Daddy", they're both amazing fun. And they made me cry.

"Radio Star" is a movie about a romance between a rock star and his manager movie from director Lee Jun-Ik about the relationship between a rock star past his prime, Choi Gon, and his long-time manager, Bak Min-Soo. Choi Gon was once the "Rock King" or "Elvis" back in the late 1980's, but has been reduced to doing small gigs in minor cafes and pulling odd shows on the flip side in our current times. It's not particularly the happiest times for Choi Gon, as he still fantasizes himself as a top star while the rest of society has passed onto more current fads, and his manager has been struggling to keep them afloat (examples being keeping Choi Gon in "business" and bailing him out of jail when the man gets a little too frustrated). When things take a turn for the worst and Choi Gon finds himself behind bars for the umpteenth time, Bak Min-Soo is able to make a contract with an old-time friend (now a manager of an acclaimed TV station) where Choi Gon will DJ for a small regional radio station.

At first, things don't flow too smoothly, seeing as Choi Gon is reluctant/bitter about such a "lowsy" position and not all too eager to make the station a success. Yet as the duo establish relations with the town's residents and settle into the casual life, their radio station becomes increasingly famous to the point where they are presented with the possibility of broadcasting to the entirety of South Korea. And herein lies the crucial point of their relationship.

It's a fairly mellow movie in regards of action, but as Lee Jun-Ik has quite obviously shown in "King and the Clown", the portrayal of the characters, casual life, and most importantly the relationships between the characters really make this a very heartfelt flick. While the main point of the movie may initially appear to be the question of whether Choi Gon can regain fame, it's actually a story of the relationship between Choi Gon and Bak Min-Soo. Bak Min-Soo initially established Choi Gon's career when he picked him out from a small town band playing in the subways, but eventually he becomes torn between managing Choi Gon's career and his own responsibilities towards his shaky personal life with his wife and daughter. Choi Gon seems to consider Min-Soo merely as a tool, his trump card, but when it becomes apparent that perhaps he may lose him in turn for restablishing his career on firmer ground, he finds himself conflicted on whether to stick with a man who has practically made his life for him, who has stayed by his side through thick and thin, or to choose fame and stars.

And yes, it has very nice slash appeal. :3

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find the movie online (YouTube, you have failed me!), but here are a few tidbits for the curious viewer.

Main Trailer | Teaser Trailer | Music Video (1) | Music Video (2)

*I recommend watching Music Video (2), if you're just looking for the slash.

"Holy Daddy" is also a relationship-concept movie, but takes it more on a humorous twist. Take a father, currently imprisoned for being a con artist in the past for nearly 10 years and serving his final day in prison. He's very excited and in a state of anticipation as he hasn't been able to see his family in nearly a decade and he is particularly keen to see his son.

Unfortunately, while playing baseball with his fellow inmates, he gets socked in the head by a rogue ball, cracks his skull against a nearby pole, and dies.

The End? Not quite yet, fortunately. An angel comes down to Earth to retrieve his soul, only to find a very reluctant father unwilling to ascend to heaven. The father instead pleads to be allowed a temporary second chance, so that he may see his family and reestablish connections with his son, saying all he ever wanted was to be his son's best friend. Surprisingly, though at first reluctant, the angel agrees and the following day the father finds himself alive, only to find himself in the body of a high school student and attending his son's very same school.

And here begins a father's attempts to bring his son back on the right side of the tracks and compensate (without telling his son or wife who he really is) for the lack of honesty and availability as a father.

This movie is amazingly funny (the father being outdated in terms of the current world leads to some hilarious results), but it has its share of tragically emotional moments as well. The father's persistance in becoming his son's best friend are endearing and the son's bitterness towards his "dead" father and eventual acceptance of his old man are particularly touching. Trust me, while I ended up laughing aloud on the plane to Korea, I ended up openly weeping by the movie's end.

The first part of the English sub for "Holy Daddy" can be viewed here (you'll have to visit the uploader's page in order to see the other parts). Currently three parts of the movie (of 11) have been uploaded, but that was in the last month and I'm not entirely certain if the user will be uploading the rest.

If in doubt, try nagging. ;P

Really, I'm not really that much of a cineophile. No, seriously!

Unfinished oekaki that keeps screaming "George Washington!" at me. I have no idea why. There needs to be Jefferson/Washington/Hamilton threesome fics.

A request image that I owed FerioWind ages ago. 'Tis her original character Alexandria.

Meanwhiles I need to go and make mental notes to myself to watch "Pan's Labyrinth" before it's out of theaters and "The Epic Movie" as soon as possible.

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Date: 2007-01-28 02:11 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] purpleysawks.livejournal.com
I saw your note about Pan's Labyrinth and I must say, it was a pretty good film. Although, some parts of it are pretty gruesome, overall it was decent :)

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Date: 2007-01-29 12:13 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] studyingstones2.livejournal.com
Hahah, yes! There needs to be Jefferson/Washington/Hamilton threesomeness. For serious. *cackledie*

Radio Star looks completely awesome, *curses Youtube* but I'm having a rather hard time figuring out what's going on in Holy Daddy (even with your summary) and I'm reluctant to try too hard because what if I get into it and to the end of the third part and the uploader never finishes...

Also, ♥ the second pic.

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Date: 2007-01-29 01:34 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] rinkatink.livejournal.com

And c'mon, everyone knows that Washington had a total harem of pretty fair-haired men on his hands. And what with Jefferson and Hamilton both competing for his affections, how could the man resist?

... I really learned a ton from USAP. XD;

And Radio Star is crazy good - the relationship is both humorous and crazy sweet. Choi Gon totally uses the guy and doesn't ever come to realize how hard it is for Min-Soo until it's too late.

A Favorite Scene (Without Being Spoiler-ific):

[After driving for several hours and Choi Gon complaining, Min-Soo abruptly stops the car by a small cafe by the side of the road. Choi Gon's sitting at a small table and Min-Soo approaches silently with a cup of coffee.]

Min-Soo: .... [hands the cup to Choi Gon]
Choi Gon: [looks at the cup absentmindedly, then looks up at Min-Soo, squinting slightly] Where's your coffee?
Min-Soo: .... [sits down]
Choi Gon: [a moment of silence as they just gaze around without looking at each other] .... Cigarette. [it's a command, not a question]
Min-Soo: [hands him a cigarette silently]
Choi Gon: Lighter.
Min-Soo: [lights his cigarette]
Choi Gon: Buttsex.
Min-Soo: [stands up and starts unbuckling his belt]

Okay, okay, I got a little carried away there. But seriously, that's kind of the jist of what their relationship is like. Min-Soo's always trying to keep Choi Gon's spirits up while being selfless and Choi Gon's just demanding and absolutely careless in his actions. Hee. :D

Regardless, I'm totally checking out every single one of Lee Jun-Ik's films now.

As per the movies, I ran across some downloads yesterday that promise the movies with English subtitles, so if I can snag them, I'll send them your way.

On another note, here's something that I thought you'd like to see. I don't know what your stance is on RPS, but I thought this was cute (hint: it's "King and the Clown"-related).

Download me! (http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?action=download&ufid=6FB82ABE715A29C5)

P.S. How do you do the "heart" (♥) thing? The only way I ever got to use the happy symbol is through copy and paste. ;_;
P.P.S. Sorry that I'm always swamping you with these Korean flicks. >_<;

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Date: 2007-01-29 02:21 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] studyingstones2.livejournal.com
how could the man resist?
*nods* He so wouldn't have been able to. (And then Jefferson and Hamilton would have had pretty, angry!hate smex without him later too!)

XD Yeah. AP American History for the win?

Min-Soo: [stands up and starts unbuckling his belt]
*tips over*

And oooh, snagage of the English subtitle-y versions would be teh awesome.

*beams*! So cute. I love how he sticks his tongue out at the end.

And the ♥ thing is & hearts ; without the spaces. (And it'd be nice if lj'd tell us these things, I had to ask someone else as well...)

And XD I happen to like being swamped with Korean flicks. I would run and hide otherwise. *nods*

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Date: 2007-01-30 01:33 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kitsune-artsy.livejournal.com
We totally should see Pan's Labyrinth together. Then you can see how I get at movies that shouldn't actually be scary but are to me anyway. XD

Gingerbread, dammit!

That unfinished oekaki has the most poke-able eye I've ever seen. *poke* I luff eet.


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