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Back from the festivities of our local Aki-Con ventures this past weekend! For a first year, it was admittedly a much more decent experience than I initially expected, and I had the extreme pleasure of meeting [livejournal.com profile] friskavk in the flesh. Additionally, my good friend Yoriko stopped in that last Sunday and we decided to become camwhores and hit up a personal photoshoot. She was our precious Pikachu while I was the lass in the Lucario hoodie via [livejournal.com profile] usakochan's glorious productions. ♥

Our protagonists! Yoriko, again, our precious Pikachu on our left and myself, the Lucario, via right. We're out on a quest to locate our respective trainers! ♥

Given that technology seems to be the most reliable resource available, Pikachu takes a crack at calling up Ash.

Given by her expression, that didn't seem to pull off so well.

We then head on over to what appears to be a mode of transportation. Yet as hard as we try, we can't seem to get our vehicle started.

Lucario uses Gust! But Lucario can't learn Gust...

Suddenly driven by inspiration, Pikachu jumps on the grand piano.

Lucario gives it a crack.

Fountain GET!

Apparently though, fountains seem to call for reminiscing.

Even Lucario feels the blues.

Amidst all this doom-and-gloom, there appears to be antlers growing out of Lucario's head.

It's time for a break: Dinner Time!

In this day and age, even Pikachu is a huge texter!

Our duo makes one final somber stop one floor above.

Pikachu really seems to miss Ash...

But she was always quite the light-hearted creature! ♥

It's still rainy on Lucario's end of things though.

Lucario really seems to miss Sir Aarin.

In the end though, Pikachu manages to brighten one last picture! Literally!

Game FINISH! ♥

Other than that, I didn't grab nearly as many pictures of the actual event, surprisingly enough. Here's a few choice shots that I did grab meanwhiles for the curious:

Code Geass: Suzaku & Lelouch | Code Geass: Suzaku & Lelouch (Close-Up)
Pokemon: Team Galactic - Commander Mars
Batman - The Dark Knight: Joker | Gurren Lagann: Kamina & Yoko
Gurren Lagann: Simon (Epic Drill Pose)
Legend of Zelda: Malon | Legend of Zelda: Zelda & Midna | NANA: Nana
Devil May Cry: Nero | Resident Evil: Umbrella Soldier
Princess Tutu: Princess Tutu

Yoriko, I, and a few other fantastic friends will also be attending the upcoming Sakura-Con near mid-2009. I'm imagining I'll be bringing Lucario again for the ride, finish up my Riley (Gen) costume to couple up with Yoriko's own planned Lucario, and a few non-Pokemon-related cosplay others. Hope to see some of you beautiful people there! ;D
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