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A good month later and we're due for some hailings in from the West Coast! For those with less stable internet connections, I regrettably must forewarn that this post is saturated with PC-cancer inducing fattiness and that any clicks on the following LJ-cut are at one's own risk. Not to mention the amount of crazy crack and insanity that typically follows.

... Still here? Well then, may I kindly present to you Sakura-Con 2009! ♥

First off, why don't we introduce our main players?

As a brief run through of our cosplay:

Karley: Spanner (Hitman Reborn) | Lolita!Kiba (Naruto) | Tamao (Strawberry Panic) | Sailor Saturn (Sailor Moon) | Ken (Hitman Reborn)
Erika: Rei (Evangelion) | Nagisa (Strawberry Panic)
Yoriko: Gijinka!Amaterasu (Okami) | Gijinka!Lucario (Pokemon)
Alice (Moi): Riley (Pokemon) | Gijinka!Luxio (Pokemon)* | Amano!Freya (Final Fantasy IX)

*Shout-out to [livejournal.com profile] juumou who was kind enough to sell me the original jacket. Thank you!


The weekend overall was an entire blast - in all honesty it was, without question the best con I've had in all my [rookie] testament of four years. There were far too much ongoings that I imagine I'll talk of your ears if I even tried, so this post is mainly a slew of images. On that same note, I spent far for more time chasing after my group and taking photoshoots with and of so I've found that I have very little of the other amazing people we met and saw there. To be remedied next year.

Before I get ahead of myself, I got the chance to meet two very fantastic individuals face-to-face from the [livejournal.com profile] pkmncollectors community, namely [livejournal.com profile] ambertdd and [livejournal.com profile] ladylegsdarkrai. It was an absolute thrill to meet you two; I'm only sorry that I didn't get the chance to hang with you guys more. I hope to see you both real soon next year! ♥

Some shots I took of Karley at the con. Two of her Spanner...

... And a titillating image of her in her Lolita!Kiba outfit. Rawr, sexy beast. >:3

She also wear a pair of amazing dog-eye contact lenses for Kiba, of which I tried to do justice here. According to her she only has a diamond-slit range of vision when wearing these.

Our lovely Rei. In my honest opinion, one of the best Rei's.

Sadly, I did not grab any pictures of her or Karley's Strawberry Panic duo due to conflicting schedules. A wonderfully nice photographer was kind enough to do an expansive photoshoot of the two, as well of some more spare shots of our group at his Flickr photostream. Due to his busy schedule though, I'm still in the course of weedling the Freya photoshoot he kindly pulled for me on the Sunday. D;

Our fabulous gorgeous Amaterasu. Seriously. ♥

And her deliciously cute Lucariooooooooooo.

Of course, standard Riley and Lucario fanfare.

I don't swamp this post with too much from my end, so just my Freya for the next few pictures.

And just as reference, the pose I did for pictures (of which I didn't chance to grab), taken by and from another photographer with his kind permission: here.

As well as a quick group shot from Thursday on pre-registration night. Forgive my "derpy" look. Derp. D:

Now for crack shots. I apologize beforehand for any blatant immaturity or... eccentricities we displayed here. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, yes?

Our Rei was a bit of a flirt outside of serious photoshoots. ♥

The original image I took in use of the previous banner. Cheesecake Factory on Thursday night after pre-registrations. Rei and Ken spazzing over the display - and who wouldn't? ;P

Last-minute Sunday stuff. Riley and a sneaky hand. Yes, I did get beaten to a pulp after this picture was taken.

Some slightly BL-ish stuff ahead. I apologize! D:

Riley uses Flash! It's super-effective!


Also some notable cosplays I did manage to grab pictures of:

This Peach was perfection: a princess! I actually plan to do Ushiwaka myself very soon, either in time for Kumori-Con this year or next Sakura's to partner up with Yori's Amaterasu. We're currently in the process of bribing Erika to be our Issun.

As always, plenty of Evangelion cosplayers, such as these fantastic plugsuits!

I really, really, really wanted to kidnap this little girl. I restrained myself, but only barely.

There were a wonderfully large number of Rorschachs present, which did my fangirling heart far too much good. I've long since fallen head over heels for that ginger-headed hobo from Watchmen, you see. :3

Jun and Sudowoodo DESU.

Quick shot from the Pokemon photoshoot. I had the pleasure of meeting the Fantina briefly on Saturday when she was dressed up as Platinum!Hikari. Best Fantina EVER. ♥

Our same group will be attending Kumori-Con later this year (early September) in Portland, Oregon. If you're heading in our same direction or happen to see us there, do say hello! We love people. ♥

Many many many more images are available at my Flickr photostream and mostly likely much more viewer-friendly in presentation; the particular set for this year's con is located here. There's a chock full of images from the Evangelion photoshoot, the Pokemon photoshoot, and simply tons others. Have at it!
Thanks to everyone for looking and another shoutout to all those fantastic individuals that made this year as fantastic as it was (you know who you are). Love you all tons! ♥

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Date: 2009-05-08 07:48 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] blackjackrocket.livejournal.com

I mean meet up. Because Kaede needs opponents!

I mean friends.

Also is that a Giovanni in the background?


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