Dec. 23rd, 2006 03:32 pm
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Skedaddling off to Korea starting tomorrow. Expect me back around the first week of January. :D

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Everyone! )

Oh, Erika? Here's the image I scanned ages ago for you.
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I simply cannot stress this enough. If you are one of the unforunate few who have not taken the time to watch "The Prestige", do yourself a favor and remedy that NOW.

And simply because I suspect that perhaps this next comment will possibly decide it for you more wishy-washy moviegoers, this movie is also blatantly slashable. Due to heavy spoilers, I'll have to cease from diving any deeper, but I KID YOU NOT - slash fans are simply going to be all over this movie. I know I was.

... I foresee attempts at "Prestige" slash fanart in the future as soon as I'm done riding out my reignited Star Wars phase.
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I've gone and uploaded OpenCanvas 3.0 and it's predecessor, OpenCanvas 1.1 (the last networking-capable version) below seeing as I promised WAY back who knows when to several friends that I'd give them the files so feel free to take as you like. ^_^


In courtesy to those who have little to no knowledge of OpenCanvas, oC can be simply described as an easy-to-use, a small-sized (less than 5 MB), low-running (as in it takes very little CPU usage), amazing lovely program for artists to use on their PCs (apologies to MAC users). Its features nowhere near reach Adobe Photoshop's enormous capacity, but it serves as a more than decent alternative and is even often preferred over its expensive counterpart. The simulation of various traditional mediums (such as the pen and watercolor bits) are extremely realistic (without all those negative drawbacks in real life) and is especially tablet-friendly, and files can be saved as an event file, allowing the viewer to watch the process the artist took to create an image.

On another note, I'm also looking for fellow OpenCanvas session buddies *cough*Erika*cough*, so holler if you're interested. :D
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Oh Gackt, you silly thing. XD


Oct. 5th, 2006 10:05 pm
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Of all things, I'm drifting back into the Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom. Laugh at my nonexistant mad card skills!

Nothing Really But A Minimal OC Doodle Here - Move Along, Move Along! )

On another note, everyone should listen to this extremely gorgeous duet between 박지빈 and 김장운 (a very young boy and an elder man singer, respectively) from the "Hello, Brother" OST (안녕 형아). I've been looking for this song for AGES and I still get all teary despite how many times I've repeatedly listened to it now. It's Korean and a slow song (a ballad?), so it won't make sense to a majority of you, but comment if you happen to be interested. :D
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For those of you curious to where this slacker went off to slack more to, there's one word that can fully describe my absence:


Designed by Koreans (forgive the smug interjection here) much like Ragnarok Online and MapleStory, Flyff's a 3D-rendered MMORPG (Massive Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Game) that is far too freakin' addicting for its own good. I only recently found the site around last weekend and it's already claimed nearly 20 hours of my life. And what do I have to show for my good efforts? A bare minimum of 5 hours of sleep per day for two hours of extra play-time in the morning and a Lv. 20 Mage who could easily disappear with a freak accident server crash.

And that is why I come to you, gentle readers, to...


Someone please just kill me now.
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More old crap I've been salvaging. Only rather than meaningless rants, it's miscellaneous K-POP icons instead. Harr?

- UN A.K.A. United N-Generation (8)
- Miscellaneous Groups (6)

Please comment and credit if you are snagging any of these. Additionally, by all means, do not hot link. Thanks!

Let's Get This Party Started! )

Note: Textless are not bases, thanks! ;P

Credits: The 'Agent Orange' font was found and downloaded at
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Old, old, old, old explanatory essay-ish piece of material on defining generic terms of the the slash/yaoi fandom that I wrote back in late February of this year. Chances are that some items may be out of date, but seeing as this rant took a few days of my life to complete, I'm loathe to put this one to sleep.

Warning: If the gentle reader is in any way offended by homosexuality, it is strongly advised that one finds some other document to read. All flames/derogatory remarks will be ignored and/or laughed at. Thanks! ^_^

Be Enlightened! )

Credits: Most of this information's been accumulated over the years from visits to several sites ever since I was 13. There have been a number of pages that have drastically informed me of all that's been typed here, and I can only apologize for not being able to properly give you your due. However, I highly recommend The Fanfiction Glossary as it covers generally all the content here. Waffles also go to Silvarbelle (shameless plug!), as I believe she was the first person to have thought of the term, 'Chack' for the Chase/Jack fandom. Correct me if I'm wrong. ^_^;
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Lots and lots of claimage. More or less for personal use, considering that this entry was meant as an attempt at organizing/remembering the various ditties I've applied to.

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Generally, this is a simple combination of my current "Art Status" (thus, information on that particular subject is bound to change without warning), a small FAQ, and Art Usage Guidelines. No one is forcing you to read it, but I'd recommend doing so before proceeding to my artwork. Many thanks!

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