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Welcome to Alice's small plot of land: a patchy garden of geekery. Traditionally, she allows this place to become possessed by random weedy spouts of text or overgrown with pesky vines of incessant rambling, though at times she attempts at a little house-decorating with an occasional sketch, photo, or drabble. She has deemed this journal mainly fandom-oriented, preferring to keep one's personal life separate from one's internet ventures, and requests that individuals who may know her outside of the interwebs, unless if given explicit permission, kindly leave her rosebushes alone. Thank you!

Quite a few creatures roam here, though some are prone to be more present than others at unspecified intervals throughout the year. In particular, she has a rather perverse irrational border-line insatiable fascination with a piece of fictional jailbait she adores as Haruka, best known as May of the Pokemon fandom. As such, this lass makes frequent appearances, often in ways considerably questionable. Consider yourself warned. ♥

*This journal is currently primarily public. However issues of more tender nature or simply dorkish material are occasionally placed under "Friends-Only".

*Title and subtitle of this journal are from the lyrics to the song, "Experimental Film", by They May Be Giants.

Journal layout credits to thefulcrum. Profile layout credits to refuted.
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"Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and I may not remember. Involve me and I'll understand."
-- Native American Proverb

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