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A good month later and we're due for some hailings in from the West Coast! For those with less stable internet connections, I regrettably must forewarn that this post is saturated with PC-cancer inducing fattiness and that any clicks on the following LJ-cut are at one's own risk. Not to mention the amount of crazy crack and insanity that typically follows.

... Still here? Well then, may I kindly present to you Sakura-Con 2009! ♥

We All Scream For Cheesecake! )

Many many many more images are available at my Flickr photostream and mostly likely much more viewer-friendly in presentation; the particular set for this year's con is located here. There's a chock full of images from the Evangelion photoshoot, the Pokemon photoshoot, and simply tons others. Have at it!
Thanks to everyone for looking and another shoutout to all those fantastic individuals that made this year as fantastic as it was (you know who you are). Love you all tons! ♥
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Back from the festivities of our local Aki-Con ventures this past weekend! For a first year, it was admittedly a much more decent experience than I initially expected, and I had the extreme pleasure of meeting [livejournal.com profile] friskavk in the flesh. Additionally, my good friend Yoriko stopped in that last Sunday and we decided to become camwhores and hit up a personal photoshoot. She was our precious Pikachu while I was the lass in the Lucario hoodie via [livejournal.com profile] usakochan's glorious productions. ♥

We All Live in a Pokemon World! )

Other than that, I didn't grab nearly as many pictures of the actual event, surprisingly enough. Here's a few choice shots that I did grab meanwhiles for the curious:

Code Geass: Suzaku & Lelouch | Code Geass: Suzaku & Lelouch (Close-Up)
Pokemon: Team Galactic - Commander Mars
Batman - The Dark Knight: Joker | Gurren Lagann: Kamina & Yoko
Gurren Lagann: Simon (Epic Drill Pose)
Legend of Zelda: Malon | Legend of Zelda: Zelda & Midna | NANA: Nana
Devil May Cry: Nero | Resident Evil: Umbrella Soldier
Princess Tutu: Princess Tutu

Yoriko, I, and a few other fantastic friends will also be attending the upcoming Sakura-Con near mid-2009. I'm imagining I'll be bringing Lucario again for the ride, finish up my Riley (Gen) costume to couple up with Yoriko's own planned Lucario, and a few non-Pokemon-related cosplay others. Hope to see some of you beautiful people there! ;D


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