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Long time no see, buccaneers! ♥

Just one tonight: a quick pencil sketch cleaned up and glorified best I could. Humanized Amaterasu and Ushiwaka of Okami sharing an intimate moment of sorts. Do note that there is nudity, so not necessarily worksafe, but the image itself isn't particularly too sexual.

You're so Brilliant, Don't Soon Forget... )

Meanwhiles, I've sorely neglected the internet for a while (for good reason, I plead) and it shows. A con report, cosplay pictures, potential more drawrings, and some shots of some spectacular custom-made ditties that have long since reached my mailbox... as soon as I a) get off my lazy ass and b) gather enough time out of RL restraints to compile everything together.

Hope everyone's been doing well meanwhiles! ;D
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I'm sorely tired of seeing my silly mug on my front page, aside from the fact I haven't updated since, so I kind of hastily threw this together - just a tossed salad of some recent scrawlings from my sketchbook to doodles on homework. Most of it's Pokemon, but I ended up throwing in just a tinge of outsiders: namely a bit of Okami, Keroro Gunsou, and a smidget of Samurai 7.

There's also a tiny side-bite of porn, but I've set it as a link only for those who are peeking through more moderated screens. ;P

We Could Be Heroes - If Just For One Day! )

At some point I'd like to dive through my box of art and old scraps in storage in want of some fandom!nostalgia. Maybe this'll give me a reason to spice this place up a bit more? ♥


Mar. 8th, 2007 06:42 pm
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Erikuz, I know you know, heck I know, already that Pan's Labyrinth is eating away at my brain, but this is seriously getting out of hand. It's now been two absolutely random dreams of Del Toro and that one lovely new girl in my Water Sports class looks too much like an older version of Ivana Baquero. Help, help, help!

But God, I'm loving it. ♥

And that's why all of you will go read Minotaur. Ever the most lovely piece of PL fanfiction I could have possibly come across. Please remember to send all those lovely squeeful hearts [livejournal.com profile] raihu's way. :3

Meanwhiles, graphic-ish Pan!art that must die and another Pan's Labyrinth WIP that will also die, because I never finish anything behind the cut.

Gah! Disembodied Floating Heads! )
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More doodads to clutter up this mess of a journal with. One original lineart, a quickie oekaki of cutesy Luke Skywalker, and a preview-ish thumbnail of a Pan's Labyrinth piece of art that will never again see the light of day.

Just Another Art Dump - Move Along, Move Along! )


Oct. 5th, 2006 10:05 pm
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Of all things, I'm drifting back into the Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom. Laugh at my nonexistant mad card skills!

Nothing Really But A Minimal OC Doodle Here - Move Along, Move Along! )

On another note, everyone should listen to this extremely gorgeous duet between 박지빈 and 김장운 (a very young boy and an elder man singer, respectively) from the "Hello, Brother" OST (안녕 형아). I've been looking for this song for AGES and I still get all teary despite how many times I've repeatedly listened to it now. It's Korean and a slow song (a ballad?), so it won't make sense to a majority of you, but comment if you happen to be interested. :D


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