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By gods, this remains by far one of the best movies (and forgive me for quoting every other person who's commented on this flick) I've seen in a very very long time (and before you remind me of the wonderfulness of "King's Man", "Radio Star", and other loves - I must state that my love for this movie is on an entirely different level). Do yourself a favor and watch this gorgeous film; there are simply no words to fathom what an exquisite piece of art "Pan's Labyrinth" is.

NOW HOW'S THIS FOR EYE CANDY!? Oh, And For Those Who Are Planning to See the Film - A Few Warnings... )

Needless to say, the ever-so-lovely fauno owns my sketchbook now.

P.S. Erika, so much love to you for watching it with me. ♥
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Finally got around to watching "Night At the Museum" earlier today (after much coaxation from my father over the phone). And yes, it was just as every bit as fantastic as he described. Lovely concept, wonderful visual appeal, humorous galore, a great crack at the infamous "quittin' you" line from "Brokeback Mountain", and entirely general audience-friendly. Sorry, no slash this time unless if slashin' historical figurines counts. :D

Not to mention that those faceless Civil War soldiers were totally hot. XD;

On another note, go watch "Radio Star" (directed by Lee Jun-Ik, the same man who directed "The King and the Clown") and "Holy Daddy", they're both amazing fun. And they made me cry.

More Info About the Two Korean Flicks Here... )

Really, I'm not really that much of a cineophile. No, seriously!

Random Old!Art Behind the Cut That Isn't Worth Your Time )

Meanwhiles I need to go and make mental notes to myself to watch "Pan's Labyrinth" before it's out of theaters and "The Epic Movie" as soon as possible.


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