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By gods, this remains by far one of the best movies (and forgive me for quoting every other person who's commented on this flick) I've seen in a very very long time (and before you remind me of the wonderfulness of "King's Man", "Radio Star", and other loves - I must state that my love for this movie is on an entirely different level). Do yourself a favor and watch this gorgeous film; there are simply no words to fathom what an exquisite piece of art "Pan's Labyrinth" is.

Drew Struzan is a god, I tell you. A GOD.

There's a reason why this movie is rated R.
If you've heard at least anything about this film, it's likely that such talk rotated around the movie's gore content. Needless to say, they aren't lies. Normally, I'm usually fine with a little gore here and there, but there did remain some squeamish moments where people are likened to cover their eyes or look away (and apparently some people have been so overwhelmed that they needed to exit the theater). Thus, please, please, please, don't bring your younger baby brother with you. When they say it's a "fairytale for adults", they mean it.

Yes, there are scary moments, excluding the gore.
Erm, I'd recommend watching it with a close buddy. Despite my knight Erika having stayed steadfastly by my side, I spent these past two mornings and evenings lugging around my dog under one arm so I wouldn't feel so utterly alone in the household. The Pale Man never ceases to haunt. D;

This movie is in Spanish, so please note that this movie is subtitled.
People have apparently been complaining about not "having been warned" that this was a subtitled film and ranting about some "conspiracy" PictureHouse is making for not having "explicitly announced this", so here's your fair warning.

Oh, and this movie will blow you away - bring a few tissues to dry those pretty tears.
Pretty much self-explanatory.

Needless to say, the ever-so-lovely fauno owns my sketchbook now.

P.S. Erika, so much love to you for watching it with me. ♥
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