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Long time no see, buccaneers! ♥

Just one tonight: a quick pencil sketch cleaned up and glorified best I could. Humanized Amaterasu and Ushiwaka of Okami sharing an intimate moment of sorts. Do note that there is nudity, so not necessarily worksafe, but the image itself isn't particularly too sexual.

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Meanwhiles, I've sorely neglected the internet for a while (for good reason, I plead) and it shows. A con report, cosplay pictures, potential more drawrings, and some shots of some spectacular custom-made ditties that have long since reached my mailbox... as soon as I a) get off my lazy ass and b) gather enough time out of RL restraints to compile everything together.

Hope everyone's been doing well meanwhiles! ;D
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I'm sorely tired of seeing my silly mug on my front page, aside from the fact I haven't updated since, so I kind of hastily threw this together - just a tossed salad of some recent scrawlings from my sketchbook to doodles on homework. Most of it's Pokemon, but I ended up throwing in just a tinge of outsiders: namely a bit of Okami, Keroro Gunsou, and a smidget of Samurai 7.

There's also a tiny side-bite of porn, but I've set it as a link only for those who are peeking through more moderated screens. ;P

We Could Be Heroes - If Just For One Day! )

At some point I'd like to dive through my box of art and old scraps in storage in want of some fandom!nostalgia. Maybe this'll give me a reason to spice this place up a bit more? ♥


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