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I'm sorely tired of seeing my silly mug on my front page, aside from the fact I haven't updated since, so I kind of hastily threw this together - just a tossed salad of some recent scrawlings from my sketchbook to doodles on homework. Most of it's Pokemon, but I ended up throwing in just a tinge of outsiders: namely a bit of Okami, Keroro Gunsou, and a smidget of Samurai 7.

There's also a tiny side-bite of porn, but I've set it as a link only for those who are peeking through more moderated screens. ;P

I had a huge splurge with Mystery Dungeon (Explorers of Time) on the DS about a month ago. I was a Treecko, named unsurprisingly Alice, while my partner was a Cyndaquil, Jasper (cameo from my Crystal team). Pretty random here, Grovyle (ensue bawling) being tragic, Jasper being weepy (very vague ending spoiler) and then the two of us, now fully evolved, being fat and lazy.

More mystery dungeon stuff. It was through this game that I eventually fell in love with the Treecko-Line. Harr, harr!

I recently obtained Emerald and I made a pact with myself to make an entirely new team from my Ruby version. Alice the [female] Sceptile (how narcissistic, I know), Athena (Female Skarmory), Othello (Male Camerupt), Solomon (Male Wailord), Joan [of Arc] (Female Grumpig), and Mozart (Male Exploud). I did the best I could out of my memory, so a lot of inaccurate [lack of] details.

Ruby team! There's two respective "runs" for me in this game, with only changes being swapping Seem (Male Golduck) for Ulmo (Male Walrein) and [Captain] Nemo (Metagross) for Xyris (Male Latios). Gabriel (Male Blaziken), Raine (Female Breloom), Tobias (Male Gardevoir), and Morgan (Male Raichu) stay consistent.

Random gijinka floating heads and [Lord] Byron.

Old doodle. I love these two. ♥

Uninteresting Ukyo!profile and random scrawling of Kururu-Ko and Saburo (Mutsumi). For whatever reason there was this bondage or other crazy scenario of Kururu as Kururu-Ko pulling crap like this on his "wave partner" cycling through my head and I still kind of want to draw it out.

Oh, and of course, porn. Excuse the date, it's rather old, but it's one of the few more explicit things I've drawn that turned out half-decent. Intended to be a older!Haruka with Harley with a touch of bukkake, but it kind of farted half-way through. And yes, I'm not especially good at detailing male genitalia (god, it looks like the bugger's only got one testicle).

At some point I'd like to dive through my box of art and old scraps in storage in want of some fandom!nostalgia. Maybe this'll give me a reason to spice this place up a bit more? ♥
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