Jul. 1st, 2007 08:24 pm
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Well, technically it's been over since 11:15 AM last Thursday, but this is the first time I get a real breather, so celebrate with me anyway. Not that it necessarily proclaims me as particularly available, considering I have classes and driving school starting tomorrow, BUT!

Fairly recent cut-out image of my original (haha!) ancient anthropomorphic character (not persona): Devil's Child. "Diablo" or simply "Di" for short.

ANYWAYS. It appears that my heritage has taken this moment to utterly claim my soul. I've found myself drowning in Korean dramas again. Most recently, I finished "H.I.T"; now "Merry Mary" and "High Kick" has captivated my attention, but primarily an oldie known as "가을동화" (Autumn Story) has me blubbering every which where again. If I recall correctly it first came out around 7 years ago; my mother and I would dash to the local Korean supermarket every week and seat ourselves on the livingroom's futon and bawl our eyes out. has been doing an excellent job of helping me relive that same experience. I still end up crying at least every other episode, if not at least three times in the same one. D;

Meanwhiles, the one drama I really want to rewatch again is "하얀거탑" (The [Great] White Tower). I unfortunately only nabbed the last 10 or so episodes, so I entirely missed out on the small plotline concerning 노민국 (Noh Min-Gook). Admittedly, it's a medical drama, but it had an excellent way of forcing adrenaline to course through your veins. That alongside the excellent storyline, the vivid music, and the utter slashiness had my ass owned every weekend. I still desperately want to draw fanart for it, namely slash fanart with 장준혁 (Jang Joon-Hyeok) and 염동일 (Yeom Dong-Il). :D

Favorite music pieces from "The White Tower"; please note that these are all orchestral (with a little electric guitar here and there) arrangements, thus no Korean lingo. Have at it!

Doct To Mucosa
In Honour
B Rossette
La Voie De La Justice
The Great Surgeon

And while we're at it, I have to sneak out a cry for "여우야 뭐하니" (What's Up, Fox?) as well. That one was irresistible. :3

But really, the main purpose of this entry is that I desperately want to pchat or arts with someone during my off-time. Give me a holler? Pretty please? :D

P.S. Erika, I'll be sending the two images you requested by e-mail through the attachments. Photobucket doesn't generally allow pictures of that nature (for lack of a better word) over on their hosting services, so forgive me this one moment. And get online so we can freakin' pchat! >:O
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