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2009-05-07 01:28 pm
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Con Report: Sakura-Con (2009)

A good month later and we're due for some hailings in from the West Coast! For those with less stable internet connections, I regrettably must forewarn that this post is saturated with PC-cancer inducing fattiness and that any clicks on the following LJ-cut are at one's own risk. Not to mention the amount of crazy crack and insanity that typically follows.

... Still here? Well then, may I kindly present to you Sakura-Con 2009! ♥

We All Scream For Cheesecake! )

Many many many more images are available at my Flickr photostream and mostly likely much more viewer-friendly in presentation; the particular set for this year's con is located here. There's a chock full of images from the Evangelion photoshoot, the Pokemon photoshoot, and simply tons others. Have at it!
Thanks to everyone for looking and another shoutout to all those fantastic individuals that made this year as fantastic as it was (you know who you are). Love you all tons! ♥
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2009-05-05 02:19 am
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Compulsory Postage

Long time no see, buccaneers! ♥

Just one tonight: a quick pencil sketch cleaned up and glorified best I could. Humanized Amaterasu and Ushiwaka of Okami sharing an intimate moment of sorts. Do note that there is nudity, so not necessarily worksafe, but the image itself isn't particularly too sexual.

You're so Brilliant, Don't Soon Forget... )

Meanwhiles, I've sorely neglected the internet for a while (for good reason, I plead) and it shows. A con report, cosplay pictures, potential more drawrings, and some shots of some spectacular custom-made ditties that have long since reached my mailbox... as soon as I a) get off my lazy ass and b) gather enough time out of RL restraints to compile everything together.

Hope everyone's been doing well meanwhiles! ;D
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2009-03-01 12:40 am

Mini Sketch-Dump!

I'm sorely tired of seeing my silly mug on my front page, aside from the fact I haven't updated since, so I kind of hastily threw this together - just a tossed salad of some recent scrawlings from my sketchbook to doodles on homework. Most of it's Pokemon, but I ended up throwing in just a tinge of outsiders: namely a bit of Okami, Keroro Gunsou, and a smidget of Samurai 7.

There's also a tiny side-bite of porn, but I've set it as a link only for those who are peeking through more moderated screens. ;P

We Could Be Heroes - If Just For One Day! )

At some point I'd like to dive through my box of art and old scraps in storage in want of some fandom!nostalgia. Maybe this'll give me a reason to spice this place up a bit more? ♥
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2008-11-12 12:32 am
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Aki-Con Report: Pokemons Are GO!

Back from the festivities of our local Aki-Con ventures this past weekend! For a first year, it was admittedly a much more decent experience than I initially expected, and I had the extreme pleasure of meeting [livejournal.com profile] friskavk in the flesh. Additionally, my good friend Yoriko stopped in that last Sunday and we decided to become camwhores and hit up a personal photoshoot. She was our precious Pikachu while I was the lass in the Lucario hoodie via [livejournal.com profile] usakochan's glorious productions. ♥

We All Live in a Pokemon World! )

Other than that, I didn't grab nearly as many pictures of the actual event, surprisingly enough. Here's a few choice shots that I did grab meanwhiles for the curious:

Code Geass: Suzaku & Lelouch | Code Geass: Suzaku & Lelouch (Close-Up)
Pokemon: Team Galactic - Commander Mars
Batman - The Dark Knight: Joker | Gurren Lagann: Kamina & Yoko
Gurren Lagann: Simon (Epic Drill Pose)
Legend of Zelda: Malon | Legend of Zelda: Zelda & Midna | NANA: Nana
Devil May Cry: Nero | Resident Evil: Umbrella Soldier
Princess Tutu: Princess Tutu

Yoriko, I, and a few other fantastic friends will also be attending the upcoming Sakura-Con near mid-2009. I'm imagining I'll be bringing Lucario again for the ride, finish up my Riley (Gen) costume to couple up with Yoriko's own planned Lucario, and a few non-Pokemon-related cosplay others. Hope to see some of you beautiful people there! ;D
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2008-08-16 08:26 pm

Hope You Guys Are Hungry!

'Tis all quite random, but I was flicking through my cameraphone the other night and found some of the pictures I took of our crazy creations back in my Cooking Class this senior year. I forgot I had all these buggers sitting around! Just to taunt you all, everything was absolutely delicious.

Image-heavy post ahead! Dial-up users, please beware!

What's Momma Cooking In Her Kitchen Tonight? )

I love food. ♥

I'm really attached to these photos, so I kindly ask that no one takes any of these as stock photos, graphical editing, etc. Thanks everyone!

NOTE: Erika, you don't need to worry about us starving in our dorms coming fall anymore. I'll take care of you. ;P
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2008-06-24 11:42 pm
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Let's Try Giving This Another Shot!

Ahaha, remember me? The one rather eccentric girl whose last post on her journal was a promise of fulfilling art requests? Well, it turns out she hasn't dropped off the face of the planet and is actually back in quite living, breathing, virtual flesh. Hey there! ♥

I'm afraid this isn't much of an "update post" as to happenings at my end of the world (due much later), but rather a result of "emergency measures". In other words, [livejournal.com profile] miss_maverick (along with several other good folks mostly via RL) insisted that I update my journal and revamp that last "Art Request" post that has yet to be fulfilled.

As of last time, there are 5 request slots open, but all but one slot have been reserved to the kind LJ Users who initially requested (one slot was generously relinquished) sketches at my last post in December. Namely, the following people have reserved spots: [livejournal.com profile] raihu, [livejournal.com profile] miss_maverick, [livejournal.com profile] letmestandalone, and [livejournal.com profile] rushingwind. These reservations are valid for an entire week but after the expiration date, they will be opened to the general public. GRACE TIME EXPIRED!

Let's try this again, shall we? ;3

"The first 5 people to comment on this post get to request a sketch of their choosing from me. Post all fandoms you're willing to draw for."

LJ Users With Reservations: You may re-request the image you requested for last time or request a different image altogether.


Mononoke | Samurai 7 | Pokemon | Digimon Frontier | Final Fantasy IX
Kiddy Grade | Chrono Cross | Okami | Yu-Gi-Oh! | Slayers
Keroro Gunsou | Odin Sphere

NOTE: If you are interested in a fandom other than the ones detailed here, don't hesitate to ask. I'll confirm as to whether or not I'll be up to the task!

Status: 5 Slots Claimed )

Icon commissions are also available!

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2007-12-21 10:06 pm
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I'm taking advantage of Winter Break to indulge in some fanarts drawingness. Yes, indeed!

"The first 5 people to comment on this post get to request a sketch of their choosing from me. Post all fandoms you're willing to draw for."

Samurai 7
Digimon Frontier
Final Fantasy IX
Kiddy Grade
Chrono Cross
Princess Princess
Beyond Good and Evil

I'd appreciate it if you'd avoid giving me very general requests, like simply giving me a character or a pairing. Try to define a certain specific, such as a theme, a required object, gesture, etc. Meanwhiles, I'm open to whatever you're willing to throw at me (but no porn this time, so sorry!).

Status: All 5 Slots Closed
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2007-11-22 12:28 am
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Is It Still Kickin'?

Oh yeah, I'm still quite all here. I must confess though that college applications, portfolio demands, senior year, and overall real life issues has depleted my free time completely. In fact, the intention of this post is really just to get feedback on current portfolio work. My apologies; I miss you folks (and my fandoms!) as much as you miss me (or not miss me). ♥

A warning beforehand. There's a total of 11 images, all rather large, under the cut. Dial-up users or anyone with a slow connection should beware. Oh, and here be nudes. Meanwhiles, feedback is greatly appreciated. :D

Now Without Further Ado... )

I so desperately want to do fanart. Original work is wonderful, but my fingers are itching to scrawl out the old faces again now that I've progressed along a bit. As soon as everything's done, I'll be demanding fanart requests. GRAH!
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2007-08-02 12:04 pm
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Mostly video spam, but also a heads up. I'm leaving for California (a road trip down all the way to Sacramento, egads!) this very Friday, so, uh, very limited online time for me until the 21st of August (presumably we'll be back by then).

Enjoy your summer meanwhiles! ♥

For you, [livejournal.com profile] raihu. Notably, I'll never be able to look at Boba the same way again. And apologies beforehand if you've already seen this, dear!

More Crack!Videos Behind This Line! )
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2007-07-01 08:24 pm
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Well, technically it's been over since 11:15 AM last Thursday, but this is the first time I get a real breather, so celebrate with me anyway. Not that it necessarily proclaims me as particularly available, considering I have classes and driving school starting tomorrow, BUT!

One Image For Your Troubles... )

GOD FORBID! KOREAN DRAMA TALK! ... Could I entice you with music? )

But really, the main purpose of this entry is that I desperately want to pchat or arts with someone during my off-time. Give me a holler? Pretty please? :D

P.S. Erika, I'll be sending the two images you requested by e-mail through the attachments. Photobucket doesn't generally allow pictures of that nature (for lack of a better word) over on their hosting services, so forgive me this one moment. And get online so we can freakin' pchat! >:O
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2007-06-11 03:33 pm
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We Return You To Your Daily Fandom

[livejournal.com profile] raihu, before you disappear off on me again, here's something I've been meaning to show you for the longest time. ♥

And Erika, here's a link to the "Wizard of Oz" Tin Man/Scarecrow slash!fic promised: "Friends of Dorothy". Can you believe it was written way back in 1998? Fortunately, it proves as good as my memory made it out to be.
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2007-04-04 07:50 pm
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That Last Final Pitch

... Anticipating Sakura-Con is leaving me in a horribly festive mood. Have a dozen or so pictures of the 501st Legion at the Comic Book Cafe back from last October while we're at it. Stupid commentary unfortunately added in. I kept forgetting to post these up! D;

Heavily large image-intensive hoopla behind the cut, dial-up users beware!

Pretty Fly For A Jedi - Or Stormtrooper! )
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2007-04-04 07:24 pm
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It's That Time of Year Again

Sakura-Con's straight this Friday, thus a heads up that I won't be present until the Monday of next week. [livejournal.com profile] raihu, I'll make it my personal mission to respond to all our lovely conversations upon my return like the ones concerning PL that I have yet to coherently respond to. ♥

Not cosplaying, I swear I'll go as either Ukyo or one of the Kamuro from Samurai 7 next time around, but this time the group's rented a room for the weekend, so this allows for more crazy unhealthy otaku insanity - which will result in our foursome returning literally as con-feverish stupefied half-starved zombies. That and more hours at the Marketplace so I can actually buy more than the 9 or so doujinshi I purchased last year COMPARED TO JACKIE'S 30 GAZILLION SOMETHING. Though, again, there's always that problem that all the fandoms/pairings I look for are decidely minor-ific...

Anyway, con report later on. The rest of you enjoy your Spring Break! Like a certain Erikuz who's headin' down to sunny CA RATHER than coming with me for the time of her life!

Look, Old!Art! ... Again! )
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2007-03-08 06:42 pm
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Erikuz, I know you know, heck I know, already that Pan's Labyrinth is eating away at my brain, but this is seriously getting out of hand. It's now been two absolutely random dreams of Del Toro and that one lovely new girl in my Water Sports class looks too much like an older version of Ivana Baquero. Help, help, help!

But God, I'm loving it. ♥

And that's why all of you will go read Minotaur. Ever the most lovely piece of PL fanfiction I could have possibly come across. Please remember to send all those lovely squeeful hearts [livejournal.com profile] raihu's way. :3

Meanwhiles, graphic-ish Pan!art that must die and another Pan's Labyrinth WIP that will also die, because I never finish anything behind the cut.

Gah! Disembodied Floating Heads! )
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2007-02-17 11:28 pm

And Thus the Medical Bills Roll In...

More doodads to clutter up this mess of a journal with. One original lineart, a quickie oekaki of cutesy Luke Skywalker, and a preview-ish thumbnail of a Pan's Labyrinth piece of art that will never again see the light of day.

Just Another Art Dump - Move Along, Move Along! )
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2007-02-06 07:20 pm
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Fauns, Your New (Imaginary?) Best Friend!

By gods, this remains by far one of the best movies (and forgive me for quoting every other person who's commented on this flick) I've seen in a very very long time (and before you remind me of the wonderfulness of "King's Man", "Radio Star", and other loves - I must state that my love for this movie is on an entirely different level). Do yourself a favor and watch this gorgeous film; there are simply no words to fathom what an exquisite piece of art "Pan's Labyrinth" is.

NOW HOW'S THIS FOR EYE CANDY!? Oh, And For Those Who Are Planning to See the Film - A Few Warnings... )

Needless to say, the ever-so-lovely fauno owns my sketchbook now.

P.S. Erika, so much love to you for watching it with me. ♥
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2007-01-31 05:41 pm
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Being Productive In A Bad Way

Lately I've been on a reading spree and it just so happened that my first victim was "What Love Means to You People" by NancyKay Shapiro. The first romance novel I've ever picked up (with the exception of the infamous novel "Lolita") and already I'm starting to wonder if the term "romance novel" is just a euphemism for soft-core often messed-up porn. I bet my bottom dollar it is.

That and I just couldn't get over how one of the main characters, a gay man by the name of Jim, was practically screaming throughout the book, "WE MUST HAVE THIS BABY!"

I've never known anyone (yes, I understand he's fictional, but he seriously has some issues) to be so obsessed with having a child. I mean he even ends up sleeping with the sister of his lover just so she can pop out a pair of baby girls to keep him happy. And he enjoyed the het!sex at the same time (that's sure going to make Seth happy, huh?).

More Art of the Eye-Scarring Kind Behind the Cut, Harr! )

Thus explaining why I'm going through novels of the Arthurian Literature kind again, specifically ones concerning Mordred (so much love for the man). Screw your Arthur/Lancelot crap, Arthur/Mordred incest!slash is the OTP! >:D
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2007-01-27 08:38 pm
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The Useless Crap

Finally got around to watching "Night At the Museum" earlier today (after much coaxation from my father over the phone). And yes, it was just as every bit as fantastic as he described. Lovely concept, wonderful visual appeal, humorous galore, a great crack at the infamous "quittin' you" line from "Brokeback Mountain", and entirely general audience-friendly. Sorry, no slash this time unless if slashin' historical figurines counts. :D

Not to mention that those faceless Civil War soldiers were totally hot. XD;

On another note, go watch "Radio Star" (directed by Lee Jun-Ik, the same man who directed "The King and the Clown") and "Holy Daddy", they're both amazing fun. And they made me cry.

More Info About the Two Korean Flicks Here... )

Really, I'm not really that much of a cineophile. No, seriously!

Random Old!Art Behind the Cut That Isn't Worth Your Time )

Meanwhiles I need to go and make mental notes to myself to watch "Pan's Labyrinth" before it's out of theaters and "The Epic Movie" as soon as possible.
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2007-01-08 08:08 pm
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Evidence That I Need Medical Help

I swore to God that I'd resist filling out any memes (how do you pronounce that damn word?), but my valiant efforts failed upon running across one concerning doujinshi. Needless to say, I ended up snagging my first sin meme from [livejournal.com profile] kurot. Apologies for the insanely long/detailed responses - I got way too carried away with this. >_<;

If I Had Fiendish Art Skillz! A.K.A. You'll Regret Clicking Here! )
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2007-01-07 08:56 pm
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Belated Holiday Greetings!

And the first thing I greet you guys as soon as I get back is with this.

Gayified!Jesus! )